Thursday, September 22, 2011

1. Camping like it's the seventies.
2. Diving off of rafts.
3. Cartwheels in the sand.
4. Generally acting like children when we are grown adults.
3. Strong coffee.
4. Mikalation.
5. Getting caught in the rain. A small hand in mine. (Everyone should get caught in a downpour now and again.)
6. Smokey hair.
7. Lonely drives through some beautiful country.
8. Changing leaves.
9. Mist hovering.
10. Sitting on the steps with ex-housemates. Laughing a lot.
11. Evening swims.
12. Watching the sky turn while standing waist deep in water, trying not to shiver.
13. Laying on the dock in the dark. The quiet eerie. The water glass. The stillness unbelievable.
14. Crispness.
15. Sweaters, boots, pashmina scarves.
16. A mattress on the floor.
17. Greasy breakfasts.


Blogger Rachel said...


Blogger Olvie:) said...

I hope you were referring to us with the ex-housemates;) Beth and I often talk about that day you came to see us. How nice it was to sit on those old concrete steps and laugh the night away...

Blogger Jill said...

Who else would it be, Olvie?


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