Monday, May 14, 2012

A new placement:

driving the back roads
the evening sun large and red and low on the horizon through the haze above the fields
watching the crops coming to life
little baby lambs frolicking
arriving before it is light to a home with no electricity
a woman in labour cooking us all breakfast
turning an OP baby with the rebozo
cook stoves
the sweetness of simplicity
outdated carpet and linoleum
a straw-bale house
being what feels like alone in a small hospital in the middle of the night after a birth
nipple donuts
watching a waterbirthed baby ever so slowly transition from blue to pink
a meat market
the wrinkly scalp under my fingertips
letting the cord pulse and drain
a perfect placenta
gurgley clearing lungs
helping mom and babe into the tub after the birth
I could comment on a baby's schpeck or its brutz if I wanted to, and its parents would know what I'm talking about


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen babies with lots of schpeck? It sounds like your days are filled with lots of nice things.

Blogger Rachel said...

Heaven, I tell you... heaven!

Please do tell how you turned a baby with a rebozo.

Blogger Lesley said...

this is awesome! i'm so happy for you :D

i'm very intrigued by the word rebozo.

Blogger Jill said...

Shawna, the one I caught yesterday had quite a lot.

Rachel, I didn't do it myself, but I watched my preceptor do it. Basically the woman lies on the floor with the rebozo under her hips. The midwife stands on one end of it, and rocks the woman's pelvis by pulling on the other end. Once she has a rhythm going, she pulls up with a quick jerk. She did this about three times, and baby turned OA! It was super cool, and a good trick to know.

Les, a rebozo is a Mexican scarf, but it can be used for lots of things in labour. I've learned a bit about it, but this is the first time I'd seen it used.

Blogger Rachel said...

That's awesome! I've never heard of it before. It seems like it would be pretty much risk-free, too. What a lot of trouble it would save so many women if more midwives did this. Next time you have an OP baby, you should ask if you can be the one to try it.

Blogger Rachel said...

Can you also tell the nipple donut story?

Blogger Jill said...

A nipple donut is a rolled up kleenex shaped like a donut to put around a nipple that is cracked and sore so it's not right against the bra. A neat little trick my preceptor learned from her previous student.

Blogger Rachel said...



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