Friday, September 11, 2009

This afternoon while I was hanging out my laundry (I was so excited when I discovered a wash line in the backyard, and then had to go buy clothespins), my neighbours started chatting across the fence. Though it was more like yelling across, since I was at the other end and across the yard, and they were on their deck. He told me that our wash line hasn't been used in probably five years, and he's pretty impressed that we even had the garbage out for pickup this morning. He wondered how many of us live here, what my name is, where I'm going to school and what I'm taking. When I told him midwifery, he said, "No wonder you're so damn domestic." I laughed. People's reactions are always funny. We have a joke in our class that you can usually pick out the student midwives on campus pretty easily. We're all a bunch of hippies who wear birkenstocks after all, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having fun. Quentin and I were being very "domestic" today, making pickles and trying homemade relish for the first time. It was a bit stressful, 4 jars broke when we put them in the hot water, but satisfying to see all those finished jars of pickles on the counter.
PS: Hope you had a happy birthday yesterday. Your card is in the mail, it's late though.

Blogger Rachel said...

It's great that you have a clothes line, JIll! They're awfully hard to live without. I hope school's going well. I'm sure you're learning many interesting things.

Shawna, your jars broke? I've never had that happen. Were they official canning jars, or were you reusing pasta sauce jars or something like that? I've read that you should only use the official ones and usually I do, but I have used old pasta sauce jars on occasion and have never had one break.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were using official canning jars.

Blogger Anna said...

hehe. I love this story.


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