Thursday, June 07, 2012

Yesterday I wound up at the hospital again for a birth wearing flip flops. We were doing visits, and I wasn't anticipating a birth. I suppose I should be prepared and always have proper shoes in my car, but sometimes proper shoes look silly with skirts, which is what I'm usually wearing these days. No one said anything, but I feel like I shouldn't be wearing flip flops at the hospital. It happened once before, with sandals, not flip flops, and I didn't notice until later that I had blood on my toes. Though I often end up with blood and/or fluid or vernix on my arms or clothes, it's not usually on my feet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, Jill. You need to add proper shoes to that big back pack of yours.

Blogger jordin said...

if it makes you feel any better, i had blood on the bottom of my foot after Dove. I dont understand how it got there, but it was there nonetheless.

Blogger Jill said...

Shawna, there's no room in that back pack for anything else!

Even under the drapes, Jordin?! What a mystery.

Blogger Lesley said...

we're not allowed flip flops at work. the knickers used to say "it's not club med, you know...". phew! good thing she straightened that out for me :S

Blogger Rachel said...

I was wearing slippers at Jordin's birth. I even had them on under my funny blue foot covering thingies in the OR.

Blogger Jill said...

Oh, I should have worn the surgical booties! Good idea, Rach.

And Les, I don't know if I'm not allowed to wear flip flops at work. No one's ever said anything. I wouldn't wear them to the office on days when I have clinic, and I wouldn't wear them to the hospital intentionally. But I do sometimes wear them when I'm just doing home visits.


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