Monday, July 15, 2013

Being the bearer of bad news is hard. Twice in one week.

My first miscarriage as a midwife. I had a fair amount of experience with miscarriage care as a student, but it still wasn't easy to make that phone call to share what the ultrasound confirmed.

And then my first abnormal ultrasound - a baby that looks like it has some pretty serious problems. I'm so thankful a more experienced midwife offered to go with me for that visit, and agreed to be the one to share the news with the unsuspecting parents, something I'd never done before. Next time (hopefully next time won't be any time soon) I'll have some idea of where to start and what to say. Because this time I certainly wouldn't have.


Blogger Rachel said...

Oh, that would be such a callenge for sure. It's hard enough to know what to say when someone shares their bad news with you, but when you have to deliver someone else their bad news... wow! May God give you words when you need them.


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