Saturday, January 28, 2006

Last weekend I was going to the bus station to meet my friend. The night was clear and freezing cold. I stars were hard to not notice, and they seemed particularly bright this night. Even with the headlights of an oncoming vehicle glaring in my eyes, I could still clearly make out Orion standing proudly in the south eastern sky. The hunter wore a twinkling belt. I was dancing in the blackened street trying to stay warm as I waited at the busstop. I liked the way that the hard packed snow squeaked under my boots because it was so cold. Then the streetlights came on and there was another guy there at the busstop. Also dancing. Trying to keep from freezing. I followed him onto the number 3 when it came along. Someone before me had scratched a little peephole in the frost on the window by my seat, and there was a noticed taped on the window. Trapped between the glass of the window and the sheet of ice that had formed on the inside of it. And that piece of paper had become part of the window itself.