Sunday, October 26, 2008

I like that today was rainy all day and I had no where to go.
I like that I had my window open for a while so I could better hear the dripping rain and because it wasn't that cold outside.
I like the sound of the rain.
I like the way the headlights look on the wet pavement in the rain in the dark.
I like leaving my curtains open after dark and watching people in other houses through other windows that also have the curtains open.
I like that I was in bed reading a novel most of the day without feeling guilty, because it was required reading for at class at school.
I like that my midterms are over.
I like that I got 91% on my development studies midterm.
I like that my linguistics prof sometimes gives bonus marks.
I like biking through crunchy colourful leaves.
I like fall sunshine.
I like having dreads again.
I like that I don't lose hair anymore because of the dreads.
I like how you could grow dreads indefinitely, and they would just keeping growing longer and longer and longer.
I like talking to my mom on the phone. Sometimes we talk for a long time and then my lunch gets cold, or I don't get my homework done.
I like that Riki came to visit and we went walking a lot. When we stopped to buy coffee our fingers didn't work right because they were so cold.
I like drinking tea with Rachel.
I like sleeping under thick duvets.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

About a month ago I was standing in line to pick up my student card the week before classes started, sandwiched between two frosh groups. Everyone was wearing a bright yellow orientation t-shirt, indicating their place in arts and science. I shouldn't have been surprised by the huge line up, but I was. I was unimpressed with having to wait so long, standing on the sidewalk for over an hour in the scorching sun. I was wishing I had applied sunscreen. I felt rather out of place being the only person not wearing that silly yellow t-shirt. But I also felt relieved to not be participating in frosh week. From my observations, it looked like a bad mix of something like summer camp meets high school. The enthusiasm, the school spirit and the endless screaming of cheers were almost nauseating. I'm too old for all that silliness. I know, I know. I'm only five years older than most first years. And I realize that five years is not really that much. Somehow it is though. At least it feels like it is. Five years of being not in school and doing other stuff in the "real world". And now I'm sounding (and feeling) pretentious. I'm such a jerk. But actually, my little sundress and sparkly sequined shoes were a whole lot cuter than those yellow t-shirts anyway.

The one thing with frosh week is that it would have made it easier to meet people. I'm not much into extra curricular, and with not living in residence, it's difficult to meet people in classes of hundreds of people. But I am so glad I am not living in residence. I really like living with Rachel and Jason and the kids. I like my tiny room on the third floor. I like watching treetops and rooftops and sunsets out my window. I like walking and biking to school. It's nice that my car mostly just sits in the driveway, waiting until my next trip home.

I've been enjoying my classes. They are mostly pretty interesting, and I've been given lots to think about, though I have little time to sit and think. There's a lot of reading. I knew that there would be, it's what everyone always says about university. I feel like I'm always a little behind in the readings. Whenever I'm doing anything that's not reading, I'm always thinking about how I should probably be reading. Like right now, I should be reading. Actually, no. I should be sleeping. It's 2am.