Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recent things:

1. Pretty orange four dollar throw pillows made in India
2. Pretty little sundresses
3. Aviator sunglasses
4. Waiting in line at the relief sale
5. Fresh warm donuts and apple cider on the very top bench of the grandstand
6. Strawberry daiquiris
7. Curried chicken and iced Vietnamese coffee and good conversation between home visits with a midwife who is not actually my preceptor
8. Second hand books
9. Having time to read novels without feeling guilty
10. Brandnewborn skin and baby cuddles
11. Driving around the block on account of all the one way streets
12. Keeping socks and a toothbrush always in my purse
13. Sharing a blueberry muffin after rescuing a new friend who locked her keys upstairs
14. Pistachios
15. A bowl full of pistachio shells
16. The crazy mountain in the middle of this city and the view from the top that catches me off guard every time
17. Friendly nurses
18. Making pizza and having drinks on the patio with new friends
19. Strobe lights in the sky and pouring rain against my window
20. Parallel parking on a hill with a standard
21. Melty peanut butter