Monday, May 14, 2012

A new placement:

driving the back roads
the evening sun large and red and low on the horizon through the haze above the fields
watching the crops coming to life
little baby lambs frolicking
arriving before it is light to a home with no electricity
a woman in labour cooking us all breakfast
turning an OP baby with the rebozo
cook stoves
the sweetness of simplicity
outdated carpet and linoleum
a straw-bale house
being what feels like alone in a small hospital in the middle of the night after a birth
nipple donuts
watching a waterbirthed baby ever so slowly transition from blue to pink
a meat market
the wrinkly scalp under my fingertips
letting the cord pulse and drain
a perfect placenta
gurgley clearing lungs
helping mom and babe into the tub after the birth
I could comment on a baby's schpeck or its brutz if I wanted to, and its parents would know what I'm talking about