Monday, October 18, 2010

After being in class all weekend, it was great to go out for dinner last night with the ladies. It was very lovely - pasta, wine, loads of laughter, a room to ourselves in the restaurant. Some of us were talking about what people must think of us, a group of a dozen or so women ranging in age from 19 to 40 something, and we decided they would think we were a book club. Later, one of the servers did ask us who we were, what the event was. This made us laugh, and so we told her. I love spending time with these wonderful women. I love making people wonder what we're about.
(photo by Simone)

Friday, October 01, 2010

I was walking down Elm St to the bus terminal yesterday, on my way to school. Enjoying the sunshine, as it's been a while since we've had any lately (they're calling for SNOW tomorrow). An old man on a bike came up behind me on the sidewalk, slowing as he came alongside me. The conversation went something like this:

Old man: I have a skirt at home that I think would fit you. It' s about your size.
me: Oh yeah?
Old man: Would you be interested in having it?
me: Um... I don't know...
Old man: Well, I guess it would be hard to know without actually seeing it.
me: Mhmm...
Old man: Do you go to Tim's much?
me: No, actually. (I have no idea what to say) It might be hard to make arrangements...
Old man: It's a shame. It's a nice skirt, and I don't want to just get rid of it.
me: Sorry, thanks anyway (or some other such awkward mumbling).

And then he rides away on his bike, leaving me rather bewildered. I think that was the most random thing a total stranger has ever said to me. I was a little thrown off, and didn't know how to respond. Sorry sir, I don't really want your skirt. But thanks, anyway.