Saturday, May 20, 2006

A couple people who have recently made my day:
1. While walking around in Yalta with katie, I saw a man. He was possibly a homeless man, though saying that may be making untrue assumtions. In any case, he was dirty and grubby looking. He was maybe in his 40's or 50's - I've never been a good judger of age. There was music coming from somewhere, and this man was dancing away on the side walk by the dumpsters all by himself. Just grooving away to the music. And I smiled to myself, and that dancing man made my day.
2. The other day on the bus after work, I made friends with a little girl. I was sitting in a backwards facing seat, which I like because it allows me to watch people's faces instead of the backs of their heads. This little girl was sitting on a young woman's lap, and she was dressed all in bright pink. Her blonde hair was pulled into two little pigtails, held in place by pink fluffy feathery stuff. I would catch her eye and smile at her, and she would quickly turn away from me towards the window, but not before I would catch her smile. Eventually she was openly returning my smiles and I started winking at her. When the time came for me to get off the bus, she gave me a little wave, and when I turned to look as the bus pulled back into traffic, she was waving wildly at me, with a huge grin on her face. I noticed her mohter was smiling too.

Yesterday when I left the internat, many of the kids were outside working under the trees in the garden. Most of them were barefoot in the dirt, and the girls were wearing squares of fabric folded into triangles tied around their heads. It made me happy. Under the trees, under the big blue sky sprinkled with white fluffy clouds. A perfect summer day.