Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sometimes I just need a break from assignments and studying and paperwriting, and sometimes I need a break from procrastinating, too. Sometimes I get depressed spending hours alone in my room all weekend, trying to get work done. Especially when everyone was at Mom and Dad's this weekend, and I wasn't. So, to feel better, I thought I'd write an "I like" list. Because I like those. And they make me happy.

I like that It's been snowing all day, and now the ground is white.
I like that I'm eating a bowl of blueberries and raspberries and whipped cream right now.
I like that I picked those blueberries with Shawna and the kids this summer.
I like that I just whipped up the cream myself just now.
(I've been eating a lot of junk lately, and I like to call it "study food")
I like that I'm listening to Christmas music, and it feels more legitimate today because there's snow.
I like Sufjan Steven's and Over the Rhine's Christmas music in particular.
I like that It's almost Christmas time.
I like that there are only three more weeks of craziness until I can go home.
I like that I only have one more paper to write this semester.
I like school.
I like being a student midwife.
I like my new friends and fellow student midwives.
I like that we have study sessions together and we sometimes actually get studying done.
I like my housemates and that they like to bake cookies and brownies and cakes and share them.
I like pretty scarves and boots and other things that come with this weather.