Friday, December 04, 2009

When I'm grocery shopping, I usually don't put fruits and vegetables in those clear plastic bags. This has never been a problem, but today the checkout lady at Food Basics gave me a hard time about it.

Checkout lady: Why don't you put your apples in a bag?
me: I don't need a bag.
Checkout lady: Well, how am I supposed to weigh three individual apples like this?
me: It's never been a problem before, and I do it every time.
me (thinking): can't you set them together on the scale just as easily as you could if they were in a bag?
Checkout lady: They're free you know.
me: Yes, I know. But they just create more waste, and I don't really need them.
Natashia (my housemate, who was with me): They're environmentally unfriendly!
Checkout lady: Well, I don't believe in that.
me: Well, I do.
Checkout lady: What about those beans there? You have them in a bag.
me: That's entirely different. I can't really just put a pile of green beans in my cart now, can I?
Checkout lady: I'm just going to put your apples in a bag, and you can take them out when you get home if you want.
And she proceeds to put them into a clear plastic bag before weighing them.
me (thinking): You've completely missed the point, haven't you?

I miss self-checkouts. Sigh. Oh well.