Sunday, March 14, 2010

I was reminded this weekend how much I love live music.

The Townehouse was the most packed I'd ever seen. It's been a while since I stood in a crowd in front of a stage, pressed up against strangers, unable to even see the performers on stage.

I never knew foosball was such fun and so hilarious. We were shrieking and laughing a LOT.

I like how when we get together the snacks are always amazing, and sometimes we inject each other with sterile water (some have obviously been acquiring new skills). We sure know how to have a good time.

The time change happened in the night, and today has been escaping too quickly as a result. The day is too short!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

When I am home alone, as I was this weekend, I like to pee with the door open and have a clean kitchen and walk around in my underwear and have naps on the couch. Though I like my housemates, it was nice for a change. I hadn't had the place to myself since the first week I moved in here back in August.

When it's nice outside, I like to stop wearing socks and boots and I break out my corduroy jacket. I also hang my laundry outside, and then I smile at it suspended there above the snow in the yard, and it smells like outside when I bring it in and it's wonderful (I feel like I write about hanging laundry a lot).

I'm so excited about the gorgeous weather we've been having lately. I feel like spring has crept up early, quickly and unexpectedly this year. But maybe that's just because I was prepared for it to be especially late in coming up here in Sudbury. I'm not getting my hopes up though that it's here to stay, because we'll likely have some more winter before it's gone for good.

When I was napping on the couch, as I like to do when no one else is around, I woke up and the radiator under the window was leaking water all over the floor. Actually, it was more like spurting water. Rusty red water. I freaked out a little, thinking of how great it was that this was happening when no one else was home. What would I do? I got up and turned on the light, because it was getting dusky by this time, and there was nothing there. No hole in the radiator, no spurting rusty water. It was strange. I often have hallucinations when I'm half awake, but they don't usually seem that real. Well they do, but I'm usually mostly still sleeping, and once I'm fully awake I realize it's nothing. This time I felt quite fully awake and was actually really surprised when I turned on the light and it was all gone. I had even heard the water dripping on the floor.

When my friends are still recovering from the night before, I like to hang out with them (three of my favourite midwifs) on an air mattress and watch silly vampire movies while eating delivered Indian food.