Saturday, December 11, 2010

The cold of the night seeps into my room through the floor. It's hiding under the carpet, perhaps some cement. But I can feel it when I sit on the floor. So I sit on a folded blanket.

I love having freshly washed flannel on my bed. It's surprising I don't do it more often. But washing the bedding is such a hassle that I don't do it as frequently as I probably should. Are there rules about such things? I especially hate having to make a bed from scratch.

Lately I've been longing for a house, or at least an apartment, to call my own. I want to fill it with pretty things and acquire lovely furniture and create a space I love. More than just one bedroom. I want a kitchen of my own, in which I can bake and cook delicious goodness. A kitchen with open shelves of pretty dishes and jars of spices and other dry things and flowers in a jar on the table. Oh sigh. Someday. After I graduate and have some money and no longer have to move a lot. I am already tired of being transient and of living in other people's houses.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Today I can once again breathe a little. And I'm doing all the things I haven't been able to in the past couple weeks. Today I am (not particularly in this order):

1) Sleeping in. By this I just mean staying in bed, even though I'm awake, until I feel like getting up. In fact, I'm in bed right now as I write this. And I'm not getting out when I'm done. For a while, anyway.
2) Showering. Yeah, it's been a while. Not weeks, but definitely days.
3) Grocery shopping. I've been eating a lot of crap lately.
4) Doing laundry.
5) Doing my own dishes, and whoever else's are in the sink.
6) Baking. Maybe pretzels. Maybe muffins. Maybe both.
7) Not writing any papers or completing any assignments. Wahoo!
8) Maybe studying just a little. I really like exam time. No more classes, no more assignments, just relaxing and studying, which takes less brain power than paper writing. Great music, delicious tea, chocolate or something salty to munch on, maybe some snow falling outside, cozy with my notes and textbooks. I especially like group study sessions at coffee places with friends and a latte. Mmmm.