Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've been offered admission to the Midwifery program at Laurentian University!! (Some of you may know of my aversion to exclamation marks, and I used two of them just there, which just shows how excited I am). Mom called on Monday with the news. I was so excited and I ran downstairs while still on the phone to tell Rachel, who shrieked "Woohoo!" and gave me a big hug. I may have cried a little. I may have made them cry a little too. Mom told me she couldn't resist opening my mail when she saw where it was from, and I forgave her for this, as I would have told her to open it anyway. Needless to say, I was shocked to hear it. I was really not expecting to get in, and by this time, I thought that if they had wanted me for an interview, I would have heard already. Imagine my surprise then, when I was accepted without an interview at all. I was sure they did interviews, but apparently not at Laurentian. Who knew? I had difficulty believing it at first, and it still doesn't seem real sometimes. I was worried that it was all somehow a mistake, since the offer wasn't showing up on OUAC's website even though the package had arrived in the mail. But a few days later, sure enough, there was the offer of admission, right on the website, which I, of course, accepted. And when I came home last night, there was the admission package, which Mom had opened, waiting for me in my room. So it's for real! Somehow, with only about 30 positions in the program, I was chosen. It's weird because it didn't seem very hard this time. Not that it was harder last year when I applied, but it feels like I didn't really DO anything, like it all just happened to me. Perhaps this is because I was anticipating an intense and stressful interview and then there wasn't even one.

So I'm going to be a student midwife. Almost two years after first having the notion that maybe this is something I want to pursue, it is now beginning. And though I am super excited, right now the thought of delivering babies terrifies me.