Saturday, December 28, 2013

A few days off over Christmas. How fortunate am I to get that in my first year of practice?

Advent art
Sun shining on ice-encased branches and wires
Snow heavy in the branches, evergreens sagging under the weight
Sparkling snow in the headlights and on the road
Heated seats
Ice skating
Hobbits and fancy drinks
Sleep overs
Christmas eve service
Child angels, child shepherds, child animals
Christmas day crafting
Crocheting, stitching and beading, baking and painting
Visiting Grandma and singing the afternoon away (I'd be happy to harmonize with my family all day long)
Giving and receiving handmade gifts, gifts with souls
Hipster baby names
Silly games

My family are pretty much my favourite people.

Back to work again. Lunch yesterday with a couple other midwives, and a visit to a baby that was born while I was off. A quick and lovely morning birth, followed by an unexpected burst of motivation to get things done. It's been a productive day.