Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I laid on my back looking up into the tree, little leaves hanging on, some still green, most varying shades of yellow brown. Through the tree into the sky. Wispy clouds against the blue. Sun on my skin. I laid in the crunchy little brown leaves. My hair wound into a bun at the back of my head a perfect custom-sized pillow. I stretched out my legs. I stretched out my arms. I lifted my legs and looked at my toes against the leaves and the sky. I regretted the nail polish I applied weeks ago that is now chipped and mostlybutnotquite gone. I only get the urge to paint my toes once every year or two. Keeping an eye on a large spider carefully picking its way across the bricks, resisting the urge to move farther away from it because I was already at a reasonable distance. All of this to put off working on my assignments and paper and quizzes that I must get done on my days off. Today, along with laying for a long time on the deck, I also drank tea, checked facebook compulsively (waiting for something exciting to happen, though nothing ever does), read postings on our class message board, downloaded some music, listened to music, thought about Sufjan Stevens, ate green grapes, made cinnamon toast, had a short nap, looked a my textbooks, read a couple articles, and generally didn't get much done. It seems I can't sit down and actually get any writing done until about 10pm, even though I try all day. I feel like I should be better at homework by now. Sigh.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1. Camping like it's the seventies.
2. Diving off of rafts.
3. Cartwheels in the sand.
4. Generally acting like children when we are grown adults.
3. Strong coffee.
4. Mikalation.
5. Getting caught in the rain. A small hand in mine. (Everyone should get caught in a downpour now and again.)
6. Smokey hair.
7. Lonely drives through some beautiful country.
8. Changing leaves.
9. Mist hovering.
10. Sitting on the steps with ex-housemates. Laughing a lot.
11. Evening swims.
12. Watching the sky turn while standing waist deep in water, trying not to shiver.
13. Laying on the dock in the dark. The quiet eerie. The water glass. The stillness unbelievable.
14. Crispness.
15. Sweaters, boots, pashmina scarves.
16. A mattress on the floor.
17. Greasy breakfasts.