Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lately (since school has ended)...

Rachel threw me a lovely little goodbye get together on my last night in Kingston. Some friends came over, I ate three pieces of cake, Muirgy and Astrid performed a wild and hilarious tap dance which had us all dying of laughter, and I received an awesome congratulatory construction paper woman birthing a baby.

Astrid helped me pack up my room and carry all of my stuff down to my car. That little room seemed so strange and empty after.

I cried when I left. I didn't think I would cry, but I did, and the tears continued for some time down the 401. I already miss Kingston and am trying not to regret my decision to return to Kitchener for the summer before moving to Sudbury.

In some ways it feels like reverting back to being a teenager, in living with my parents again. This was unexpected, as I was no longer a teenager when I left home, and I'd moved out and back again before, but it wasn't like that.

I like eating food with friends. Perhaps that's a strange thing to say because it's obvious and ordinary, but food is best shared with company, and eating seems to be a natural thing to do with friends.
We went out for pad thai at a fake Thai restaurant. Because we are experts in this sort of thing, and would know authentic Thai food anywhere. We decided it was fake because we were served by a white guy with shaggy blond hair and the menu was entirely in English. However, the pad thai was pretty good, I thought. Though I'm no expert.
I like sharing spontaneous dinners of stir fry with friends, and lunch with the ladies the other day was lovely.

Hanging laundry out in the sunshine makes me happy, even when the wind blows it down all over the yard. Or when I have to run out in the rain to rescue the laundry in bare feet with the mud and wet squishing between my toes.

I've been trying to stay in shape by biking, though I'm not always very good at it, when I don't usually have anywhere to bike to. I've been using my dad's bike, since mine is still in Kingston. I was disappointed to learn that the Pioneer Park plaza has no bike racks. Apparently no one else ever bikes there, so a place to lock your bike is not necessary. I went biking the other day out in the country. I passed Brigadoon School, and I thought: how is it that this school is already 17 years old? I remember being in grade two the first year when it was brand new. I was wearing my brown corduroy skirt (which I think is funny. I like biking in skirts, but wish I had a cool old bike, rather than the mountain bike I was riding. Skirts on a mountain bike just aren't quite the same) and my brown sequined shoes from Chinatown (Mom said when I left: you're wearing those shoes?! You should put on proper shoes for biking). It was sunny and everything was turning green, and there were lovely clouds in the blue sky, through which the sun was shining hazily. Lazily. There were hawks gliding above the fields and trees, and trilliums were growing beside small trickling water. It was beautiful. But suburbia is creeping outwards at an alarming pace and eating up the countryside. It's rather depressing.

I locked my keys in my car last week, for the first time in my life. So they drove me home, though I was supposed to drive them home. Home to a locked house, and being keyless, I had to wait outside all night until someone came home. Well, not all night. But about three hours. I hadn't had supper, so I was hungry, and I really had to pee, and with the sun setting, it quickly grew cold.

When I came out of the library, she was peeing beside my car. She was already mid-pee. What could I do?