Thursday, June 26, 2008

There are a lot of geese around. One time while driving, a large family of geese was crossing the road in front of me. Probably it was actually a few families of geese. They were having a picnic across the road, and decided to pick that moment to return. So I stopped. One can't really just drive over a bunch of Canadian geese. It looked like most of them were staying across the road, as they showed no sign of going anywhere. They were still picking around in the grass and doing whatever it is geese do. There were a few large ones and many many small ones. A couple of the big ones just stood there in the middle of the road, like crossing guards, as the others slowly waddled their way across. Slowly. One at a time. When the felt like it. Holding up traffic in both directions. It's surprising that they have no fear of vehicles. I often see them sitting (with their feet tucked under them. Laying? Do birds lay?) right on the edge of the street beside the curb, oblivious to the vehicles flying past. I drove up rather close, hoping to encourage them to pick up the pace a bit. No such luck. They took their sweet time, and the crossing guard stood there the entire time, it's head bobbing up and down at me, until the last little gosling decided it was time to cross over. One time I watched a woman get out of her car, and that seemed to encourage them to cross a bit quicker.